Eforganik Tarım was established in 2005 with the aim of being a part of sustainable agriculture and healthy products for healthy generations. Eforganik Tarım has been active in many different fields such as plant nutrition, plant protection, agricultural machinery, agricultural packaging and plant production.

Today, Eforganik Tarım primarily carries out production, import, export, transit trade, domestic sales and technical services activities in the field of plant nutrition.

As Eforganik Tarım, our strongest side in plant nutrition is that we are the leading company in innovations. In this context, Eforganik Tarım pioneered the production and widespread use of slow-release, inhibitory chemicals or many different organic fertilizers.

As Eforganik Tarım, we produce more than 70,000 tons of SPECIALTY FERTILIZER, including 55,000 tons of powder and granules, and 15,000 tons of liquid.

Eforganik Tarım’s production consists of;

• Inhibitor treatment, stabilized new technology, nature-friendly solid, granular, water-soluble and liquid fertilizers

• Foliar and drip irrigation fertilizers produced with high soluble, quality raw materials

• Suspension and gel macro and micro-element fertilizers produced with special formulation and the special additives in composition.

• Liquid, solid, granular, water-soluble organic and organomineral fertilizers obtained from plant or animal sources, rich in organic matter, effective in soil amendment and plant growth.

• Specialty liquid fertilizers that promote growth and yield increase • Specially formulated Micro elements to meet micronutrient needs of the plant in the best way

• Plant growth regulators and biostimulants contribute to the plant’s ability to overcome negative physiological states and have strong resistance against stressful conditions , Consist of liquid, solid, granular, water-soluble fertilizers in more than 170 different formulations. In addition, we manufacture many products as contract manufacturing, especially in Germany, Spain and Turkey.

As Eforganik Tarım, we operate in every field of our country with 20 Main dealers and more than 3,000 dealers. We are also engaged in commercial activities with large agricultural enterprises, agricultural cooperatives and associations.

As Eforganik agriculture, we are after thousands of hectares of land work per year, not only selling fertilizers with our technical staff, but also delivering the RIGHT FERTIGATION PROGRAM to our farmers.

As Eforganik agriculture, we are producing crops; especially corn, sunflower and wheat on our own lands. In addition to this, we conduct studies by setting up field trials in these areas.

As Eforganik Tarım, we export to many countries such as Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Pakistan, Tunisia, Kosovo, TRNC, Ukraine and Iraq. We are expanding our business rapidly in these region. In addition to our products, we assist our international customers with our FERTIGATION PROGRAMS, and we are taking firm steps to become the leading company in the export of specialty fertilizers.

In addition to our exports, as Eforganik Tarım, we have been taken an active role in transit trade all over the world for years from China to Egypt, from Chile to Uzbekistan, from Spain to Azerbaijan.

As Eforganik Tarım, we import raw materials from many countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy, China, Russia and Chile. Besides raw material imports, we also supply raw material from these countries to fertilizer manufacturers in our country.

As Eforganik Tarım, business partnerships, dealerships, distributorships with Compo Expert, K+S Group, Daymsa Eurochemagro, Teca, Agro Consulting, BASF, Dow, Dupont, Seto, Baydar Tarım, Chemtura, Ertar Kimya (Biolchim), Rayal, Polimet Kimya and ACF Minera were made from past to present.

As Eforganik Tarım, while continuing its distributorship with Compo Expert, also is doing special projects.

Eforganik Tarım continues on its direction in line with the targets set in the beginning. We are aware that agriculture is the most indispensable resource for our country. We are aware of the necessity of feeding more people in the decreasing agricultural fields in the face of the ever-increasing world population.

While setting maximum yield and quality targets from the unit area, we will never use agricultural production resources carelessly.

We will never compromise on raising awareness of our farmers all over the world, directing them to modern methods, and offering the BEST ACCURATE FERTIGATION PROGRAM, of which we are experts in fertilizers.

We will continue to be a leading, reliable, transparent, honest, competitive company in the fertilizer industry.

In line with our basic principle of ensuring that healthy products are grown for healthy generations without harming the ecology, we will continue to bring benefits to all our stakeholders.