• ASTRA Boron

    Astra Boron is an effective boron source that eliminates boron deficiency.

    Boron is one of the important trace elements for healthy growth and development in plants. It increases the formation of plant growth hormones, especially auxin, which is one of the most important hormones affecting growth and development in plants.

    The main function of the boron element in the plant is the formation of cell walls and the reproduction of tissues, that is, cell division and growth.

    It increases root development, bud formation and flower formation in the plant. It supports a healthy pollen structure and fertilization. Boron has an important role in increasing fruit number and fruit set in fruit trees and vegetables.

    It is boron element that determines the quality of sunflower to a significant extent. Boron deficiency is observed in sunflower production areas. The formation of large cavities and brown parts in the sunflower inflo-rescence is a sign of boron deficiency. Therefore, in sunflower production, attention should be paid to the presence of boron element that can be taken in sufficient amounts in the soil

    Water Soluble Boron (B)10