ASTRA NOT is a plant-based liquid organic fertilizer that can be applied both from the soil and to the leaves It has high organic matter, humic acid, fulvic acid, amino acid, and special plant growth regulators in its composition.

    It protects the plant from abiotic and biotic stress conditions by providing resistance to the plant. It provides earliness to the product by accelerating the growth and development of the plant.

    It increases the amount of soil organic matter. Once it is applied to the soil, microorganism activities are strengthened and the number of microorganisms increases noticeably. Thus, the soil becomes optimal for the plant to form a strong hairy root structure. It also facilitates the uptake of nutrients to plant roots. When applied regularly, organic acids adjust the pH of the water. Once used regularly, it brings the rhizosphere (plant-root surface) region to the pH level desired by the plant and facilitates nutrient uptake by the roots.

    Since it is derived from plant extracts, it naturally contains most of the plant nutrients. It increases the development and yield of the plant.

    Since it is an organic fertilizer, it does not cause salinization in the soil.

    Organic Matter40
    Organic Carbon18
    Total Nitrogen (N)2
    Water Soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O)1
    pH Range4,2-6,2
    Humic Fulvic Acid26
    Free Aminoacids4